How you can help

For now, these are the ways you can help most:

  1. Tell other Massengales/Massengills about this website.
  2. If you’ve done Massengale research of your own, please email me:
  3. (If you can type and have a copy of the book) Help get the information from Fern Massengale Cox’s 1988 Massengale Heritage book on this website.  I have a copy of this book and you can download a copy here.  All you need to do is type some pages and send me what you typed.  If you can accurately scan the book, use OCR and send me a text file, that would be great.
  4. Type (or scan) parts of the text of Samuel Evans Massengale’s 1931 book and send it to me.  I don’t have a copy of this book.
  5. Research our name and post your findings.  You’ll need permissions to post to this website.  Contact me and I’ll get you going.
  6. Tell me who you are and where you fit in.  In what city and year were you born?  Who are your parents & grandparents?

The first thing you’ll need to do is contact me. You can leave a comment on this page letting me know how to get in touch with you or find me here: Jason Massengale.  If you have an idea of some other way you can help, please let me know.

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7 thoughts on “How you can help

  1. Donna Davis

    Jason,I LOVE that you are doing this.I will help in whatever way I can. Just curious – is there some reason you’d rather not scan in pages of Fern Cox Massengale’s book? Do you want text transcribed for neatness and consistency of format? I have a copy of the book but I’m ashamed to say I have not looked at it in a long time. your cuz, Donna

    1. Jason Massengale Post author

      Glad you LOVE it. If you’re asking why I don’t scan it and use OCR, it’s because I haven’t had the best luck with OCR in the past. It may work, and if you’re able to do it that would be great.

      I have pictures of every page of the Massengale Heritage book, but there are a few reasons I’d rather use text:

      1. Text on webpages is easier for people to read than text on images.
      2. Search engines index text on a page better than text in an image. If someone searches for their name or a family member’s name, they should be able to find this site and add details, learn about our family or connect with other family members.
      3. As people start getting added to the website, I’d like add links from the book content to the page for that individual. This is much easier with text than images.
      4. Text on webpages can be responsive to the device that’s being used. This website works well on phones, tablets and computers.
      5. Who knows what technologies will emerge in the future, but I’m confident that they’ll be able to read text.

      I’m the only person in my family that has the book from my dad down. I’d like my kids, sisters, nieces and nephews to have the opportunity to read it any time they want. I’ll probably add a .pdf of images of the actual pages at some point in the future too.

      I know it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to transcribe the book, but I think it’s worth the effort. It’ll be a lot easier if we have multiple people contributing.

  2. Josh Bright

    I’m of the line fredonia massengale to Granville Walker jones to Orlena (jones) totten to Jane (totten) bright to me- Josh Bright. We are very interested in Jim Polk and Fredonia’s homestead as part of it has passed down this line an is in the possession of my parents. I want to get my hands on a copy of materials relating to their lives and lineage.

    1. Jason Massengale Post author

      Fredonia Massengale’s ancestors are Wright Stokes Massengale < Elisha Massengale I (who is believed to be the son of Matthew Massengill) < Matthew Massengill < James Massengill II < James Massengill I < Daniel Massengill II < Daniel Marsingell < Gilbert Marsingell II < Gilbert Morsingell I. I did find a reference to you and your line back to Fredonia, but didn't see anything about her land. Those pages haven't been added to the website yet, but they'll eventually make it on here. Let me know if you're interested in contributing time or resources to get it added more quickly. You can read about most of them in the Massengale Heritage Book. Many of the pages about those early ancestors has already been added to the website.

  3. Josh Bright

    I would be happy to contribute to the best of my ability. Is there a way to get a paper copy of the book? It seems you have the paternal linage well lined out. It seems like the homestead may have been Jim Polk Jones’s. I found and have a copy of the land grant of 80 acres given to Wright Stokes Massengale in 1875 for Boone County, AR.

  4. Montie Massengale

    I would be all happy to help out in any way possible, I have just started working back from my father Lester Peter Massengale towards Gilbert. I have worked IT for the last 35 years and am now retired, so let me know if I can help out.

    Montie Michael Massengale

  5. Lorraine

    I don’t know how I can help out we were the Massengill’s out of Corinth MS or Rienzi MS , From Earl Massengill and Liily May Miles I think I can find out my Grandfathers , grandparents by asking several cousins who keep up with this information a Dewhite Massengill son of Raymond Massengill now Deceased , Corinth MS has a big family of Massengill’s living there .


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